The Basalt Bank Task Force effort is an opportunity to evaluate potential solutions and accelerate action for the Umatilla Basin’s Critical Groundwater Areas. The Task Force would bring together local and statewide partners to gather information and provide recommendations that can guide the creation of a multi-year pilot study: The Basalt Relief and Testing Effort.

Columbia River Water Supply Project

Since its inception, NOWA's key focus has been on developing water supply infrastructure and obtaining water rights to deliver Columbia River water to Critical Groundwater Areas across the Umatilla Basin. this undertaking has required work of many agencies, organizations, individuals, and business, as is rooted in years of relationship building. NOWA's plan calls for the construction of three pipelines to provide mitigated Columbia River water as an alternative water source to growers in the Umatilla Basin. This project effort is an important part of the Basalt Bank Pilot Project.

Water Quality 

Project description coming soon. 

Energy Corridor Planning

Renewable energy is here to stay in Oregon and many landowners and communities south and east of the Umatilla Basin's high-value crop region can receive financial benefits from renewable energy investment. NOWA and other agriculture interest groups recognie that renewable energy is an improtant supplement to agricultural income in dryland areas, but a lack of consilidation of transmission lines and a lack of long-term planning has and could result in unanticpated loss of critical, irreplaceable high-value acreage as those renewable energy projects attempt to access the BPA grid in north Morrow and west Umatilla counties. 

Elk Depredation & Management

In 2016, NOWA began working to address issues presented by three large elk herds in Umatilla and Morrow Counties. The presence of elk is a growing problem for regional landowners due to herd size, range, and the scale of crop damage. NOWA has spearheaded effrots to work with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to find a solution to this problem. Partners in the effort include regional farmers and ranchers, ODFW, the Rocky Moutain Elk Foundation, and the Oregon Health Authority.