Why NOwa?

NOWA was formed in 2013 with the recognition that obtaining a small amount of Columbia River water would only be successful with collaborative effort of business, Ports, cities, and counties in the Umatilla Basin. NOWA sought to be the unifying entity for to advance the common interest. In the last four years, NOWA has continued to push for a unified approach that will protect and enhance the natural resource-based economy of Northeast Oregon. 

how is nowa supported?

NOWA is supported by general membership contributions in addition to voluntary contributions. Significant voluntary contributors include the Port of Morrow, the City of Boardman, Umatilla County, the City of Hermiston, OSU-HAREC, West Extension Irrigation District, and Morrow County. The Port of Umatilla will make a voluntary contribution in 2017/2018.

what has nowa done for the region in the past four years?

  • Certificated 24 cfs of the 36 cfs Boardman water right (67%)
  • Facilitated a lease of 12.6 cfs of the Boardman water to an ag user (first time in State history) in 2016
  • Certificated 78.6 cfs of the Port of Umatilla's 155 cfs water right 
  • Secured +/- $700K for Regional Water System Improvements
  • Facilitated transfers of over 2,000 acre-feet of McKay stored water from private contracts to the WID federal contract to increase value-added ag production through a test auction for the first time in regional history
  • Applied for 8 water right permits totaling 180 cfs
  • Facilitated a Basalt Bank concept to save and bank groundwater
  • Partnered with OBC and EcoNorthwest to initiate Mitigation Economic Impact Study
  • For the B2H/Transmission line: Secured Governor Direction to DLCD to develop and adopt temporary rules to enable corridor planning (First Corridor Planning Meeting on October 30)
  • Worked to address Elk depredation 
  • Addressed Water Quality issues by working with data center reps to ease rules on re-use of non-contact cooling water (good for ag and tax base)

what is nowa currently working on?

See our list of current project efforts here

How can I support NOWA's work?

NOWA relies on local and statewide support to drive its mission and accomplish its goals. If you are interested supporting NOWA's broad mission or a specific project, please contact J.R Cook (jrcook@northeastoregonwater.org).

Can I become a member?

NOWA currently requires that membership requests be approved by its Board of Directors. If you or your organization are considering becoming a member, please contact J.R. Cook (jrcook@northeastoregonwater.org). for more information.